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The menu button

Overview, defining user settings and e-mail notifications, logout

No matter in which area in the data room you are currently located, you will find the menu button at any time in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

There you also find the real-time search and the cockpit button.

By clicking on the menu button you can access the adjacent entries. Your personal user settings can be reached via your name.

Defining user settings and e-mail notifications

To open your user settings, click on your name in the menu. In the settings you can adjust your salutation, first name and surname. As an administrator, you can also directly adjust 

the e-mail address stored here.

Here you define the language of the interface.

Decide for which areas or events you would like to receive email notifications. Note: If you have already set individual notifications, they will be overwritten when activating global notifications!

How to set individual notifications is explained in section Applying functions to folders https://support.architrave.io/en/the-document-organizer-av-1.0-av-2.0


In order to log off safely, please use the button "Logout".