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Q&A Administration

General, creating a new Q&A process, setting experts on folder level


Opening the options menu, you can reach the Q&A setup ...

Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 13.04.13

... with a right mouse click you can enter the Q&A administration:

Creating a new Q&A process

With the new Q&A, we have removed the rigid constraints of internal and due-diligence Q&A. Rather, an admin can create unlimited independent Q&A processes and define them freely.

Use the Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 10-08-19-png icon to create a new process:

! Users can ask questions, only if a process is set to “active”

! The name of the process is displayed to all users!

Once a process is created (or selected from the list), the participating users and groups can be managed.

Assign assets:
To manage the assets of a process, simply select the process in questions and the icons + und – on the asset tiles:

Settings experts on folder level

As opposed to questioners, clearers and spectators, who are set for an entire process, the management of the experts can be controlled on the level of single folders. Simply select the process, then select the asset in question and use the buttons associated to the folders to control the assignment of experts.

! Note that changing the experts in the setup will also change the experts of already registered questions!